About Can-Neth Imports Ltd.

Our Story

Can-Neth Imports was founded in 1986 in order to fulfill the emerging need for advanced technology in agriculture systems.

In 2018 Can-Neth saw the opportunity to expand into the Horticulture Industry. We have partnered with leading European suppliers to bring their advanced systems to North America.

We are a valuable resource for our distributor partners and growers alike. We help growers by streamlining their processes through automation and providing the finest, most reliable equipment in the industry. The result is less waste, healthier plants and an increased return on investment.

Can-Neth Imports philosophy is built around the comprehensive support, expertise, and intelligence of:

  • Hotraco’s Multi Connect system, motor controls, analysis systems, and peripherals.
  • CleanLight’s completely customized systems, fully automated or moved by hand, to control diseases such as powdery mildew, Botrytis, Pseudomonas, EHEC etc.

Our goal is to help improve plant growth, energy savings, and plant performance. Excellent customer service is important to us.  It drives our daily decisions and outcomes.

Mission Statement

We earn our customers trust and loyalty by creating great relationships and providing exceptional products, sales and service advice. We provide systems and services that allow farmers to be more efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable. We are known as LOYAL, TRUSTWORTHY and HONEST in all our business and personal dealings. We give our customers what they need. We always act as though we are standing in your shoes. We seek opportunities to exceed your expectations.