CleanLight developed a proprietary technology to fight fungus, bacteria and viruses with a special germicidal UV light. Diseases such as powdery mildew and botrytis are eliminated without leaving any toxic residue on the plant. This system is used on vegetables, fruits, medical cannabis, tulips, roses and more. It is both preventative and curative.


CleanLight is a proven method:

The fine-tuned UV lamps only give off the light frequency you need to kill mildew for fast results and no “collateral damage” to the plant. In addition, each unit is equipped with a specially developed parabolic reflector. The effect is that the UV light is diffused, so it penetrates effectively in between your plants.

CleanLight is easy to use:

You only have to apply a treatment of 3 seconds on the plants surface once a day.

CleanLight is usable at any stage:

You can use CleanLight right until the day of harvest. In fact, you can use CleanLight, several times a day during the curing process to keep the plants clean.

CleanLight is a biological treatment:

In industries where pesticides are not allowed, CleanLight solves a significant problem. Also … spraying pesticides slows down the growth of your plants. Spraying pesticides damages the trichrome on your plants. Spraying pesticides lowers THC content. Spraying pesticides can affect beneficial insects on your plants (“IPM”).

There is some indication that using CleanLight improves the yield in plants; research is being done to determine exactly how much.