Hotraco Horti

Hotraco Horti has developed and consistently produces high quality end control systems for greenhouse horticulture. The Orion GC is the central component that manages all processes in your greenhouse. It is a versatile system that is easily deployed in all different types of greenhouses in any climate type.

This system of automation and control offers a unique Multi Connect system, analysis systems, motor controls, and can handle peripherals such as fans. It is designed to be modular so the Orion GC can be used for both very complex functions and applications, as well as very simple ones. It has the capability to read and log data on a PC, smartphone or tablet via a custom ‘app’.


Glass Greenhouses:

Using the Orion GC, the greenhouse climate can be regulated based on the measured room temperature, relative humidity, CO2, water temperature and meteorological data. It can be equipped with controls for ventilation, window positions, lighting, heating, screen cloths, energy cloths, humidifiers, recirculation, pipe heating, and irrigation. Depending on the climate region, cultivation needs and specific wishes of growers, features can be switched on or off.

The system is fed by input from a measuring box with a temperature and humidity sensor and can be enhanced with a CO2 sensor. The use of a digital weather station, PC interface, and a smartphone application is also available.

Foil Greenhouses & Foil Tunnels:

The Orion GC is an affordable simple computer for controlling ventilation and window positions, recirculation and irrigation. All the options built into the Orion GC can be switched on or off at the growers request and according to climate and cultivation requirements. This means that growers can choose from complex to simple requirements depending on their unique situation.


The Orion GC is a reliable, solution-specific and very affordable computer that guarantees optimum crop yield with very user friendly controls in shade houses. It’s equipped with controls for recirculation fans and motor controls for window and curtain positions. It is a flexible system that offers growers the ability to expand control possibilities as needed.  Things like irrigation controls can be added at any time.